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November 14, 2016
Kareena Kapoor, Sushmita Sen

5 reasons why Virat Kohli did NOT want Anushka Sharma to sign Salman Khan’s Sultan!

Finally we’ve got a clearance on the whole story and you so cannot afford to miss this EXCLUSIVE story. Read on…

So there have been these constant reports suggesting how Salman Khan’s Sultan is the reason why Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli broke up. Word is that Virat wasn’t quite happy with Anushka’s decision to sign Sultan and on learning that she’s already started shooting for the same without taking his consent, he further got irritated and decided to call it quits. But ever wondered why Virat did NOT want Anushka to do a big budget film like Sultan? That too when it stars someone like Salman Khan? Well, our source EXCLUSIVELY gives us all the answers to this above speculation and it’s really shocking. Here, let me explain it to you one by one…

#Anushka broke her promise

Turns out Anushka had promised Virat that she wouldn’t take any other film other than Ae Dil Hai Mushkil for this year as they wanted some time off together. The two had planned it out well in advance and Virat was well assured that Anushka would abide by the plan. However, considering Sultan was suffering without a lead actress, YRF approached Anushka in the end, who quickly signed the offer without informing Virat. The lover boy was only informed once he returned from his Australia test series. Now how bad is that? Yes! We agree no actress would prefer losing out on such a big opportunity. But Anushka should have at least talked it out with Virat once before taking such a drastic step. Agree?

#Impatient to get married

Secondly Virat was getting really impatient to get married this year. He felt it’s right time to take their relationship to the next level which is why he didn’t want Anushka to commit to any film at the moment. He wanted to sort things out and finally head towards marriage. But looks like everything’s gone for a toss with Sultan…

#Meet The Parents

Virat eventually got so serious that he had also arranged for a family meet in the next few days. In fact, this is also the reason why he took a one month break post his Australia tour. However, with Anushka going ahead with Sultan only means how she’s in no hurry to take her relationship to the next level. No wonder Virat is SO upset with the actress right now that he’s actually heartbroken. Sad!

#Focus on production house

For all that we know, Anushka owns a production house – Clean Slate Films which has produced films like NH 10 that did really well at the box office. Referring to the same, it seems Virat was really hoping to see Anushka shift her attention from acting, to producing more films now. Yes! And that’s exactly why he didn’t want Anushka to sign any other film after ADHM. He wanted her to devote more time in producing newer films on board…

#No time, No love

And lastly it’s the cliched problem that most of the couples are facing these days. Given that both of them belong to different professions and have their professional commitments to meet, Virat had suggested Anushka that she takes a break for a few weeks along with him. More so because Anushka will then get busy with ADHM promotions that’s around the corner. But now with Sultan’s addition, forget love, Anushka has no time for anything except for Sultan at this point in time.

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