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June 22, 2016
Didi Tera Devar Deewana

"JUST DANCE" - Rhythm India Bollywood Dance Company's Annual Program

Rhythm India has it's annual program "Just Dance" each year during the first week of December OR during the spring time. The goal of the show is to give the Rhythm India dancers, who have worked hard all year long, an opportunity to perform in a professional-level production - complete with beautiful costumes, lighting, and sound. We are also striving to promote Indo-American culture and Bollywood dance in the greater Houston area. Most importantly, while doing all of this we want to create wonderful memories & positive experiences for each of our dancers, which we hope they will cherish forever.

Our students look forward to their performances on stage each year, and to the appreciation expressed by their audience. "Just Dance" is an extension of the benefits derived by dance training. Students learn cooperation, stage direction, terminology & discipline. They also learn how to overcome shyness, and to project and express their individual personalities.

Rhythm India had two shows on Saturday, December 7th 2013, as we had a huge turn out previous year & over 300 performers.

Preparations for "Just Dance" usually begins during the fall session. Slots for the performances get filled very fast, and so parents are encouraged to register as soon as the fall session begins.

"Just Dance 2011" - Paint it Red

On December 9th 2011, Rhythm India had it's first annual program at the Stafford Civic Center. The theme of the show was "Paint it Red". The color red has become a hugely intrinsic part of Indian culture, it denotes bravery, protection and strength. The overall implications of the color red are universal and it represents life & vitality. As they say, put some red in your life when you want, increased enthusiasm and interest, more energy, action and confidence to go after your dreams. To view the picture gallery for Just Dance 2011 CLICK HERE

"Just Dance 2012" - 100 Years of Bollywood

Rhythm India's - "Just Dance 2012" was held on December 7th at the Stafford Civic Center. It was a very special year for Bollywood and Just Dance - as we celebrated the 100th anniversary of Bollywood Cinema with all its glitz and glamour. It has been a century since the first Indian film was screened in Mumbai, India in 1912 and Bollywood has changed so much over the years - The Rhythm India dancers had a great time preparing for Just Dance and learning about the evolution of Bollywood dance. To view the picture gallery for Just Dance 2012 CLICK HERE

"Just Dance 2013" - Legends of Bollywood

Rhythm India's - "Just Dance 2013" was held on Saturday, Dec 7th at the Stafford Civic Center. This year Rhythm India had two shows, as we had 300 dancers, & a huge turn out the previous year, so we wanted to incorporate more audience members. The show this year had a loose story line, which took the audience on a journey through one man's life, as he discovered his favorite "Legends of Bollywood" cinema. The entire process was a lot of fun and challenging at the same time. As always all our performers did a splendid job and had a wonderful time during this huge team effort. To
Just Dance 2 Bollywood song
Just Dance 2 Bollywood song
Just Dance 3 Bollywood Katti Kalandal
Just Dance 3 Bollywood Katti Kalandal
Just Dance Bollywood mix
Just Dance Bollywood mix

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