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September 13, 2022
Bollywood Hungama News

The last couple of days in Bollywood have only been about shocks and mega shocks. While on one hand, it was Aamir Khan who 'shocked' everyone with his 'by-now-controversial' statement on intolerance, on the other hand, it was the legendary Amitabh Bachchan who shocked everyone by stating (read 'confessing') that he was a patient of 'Hepatitis B' and had almost lost 75 percent of his liver due to late diagnosis of the disease. Bachchan made this startling revelation at the recently held 'Hepatitis B' media awareness campaign. For the uninitiated, Amitabh Bachchan is the UNICEF ambassador for 'Hepatitis B' awareness programme.

Additionally, he also spoke about the same in his blog, wherein he wrote the following "Almost 60 collective bottles of blood was pumped into me during my accident in 'Coolie' .. one infusion was carrying the dreaded virus Australian antigen Hep B .. it remained in my body and silently ate up my liver .. took away 75% of it until during a routine examination in the mid 2000's, say around 2004 or 5, it was discovered .. I am now surviving on a 25% liver .. under constant medication and being labelled as a Chronic Cirrhosis of the Liver condition .. a condition normally described for alcoholics .. but as all know, I do not drink !! But I live and work and play and act and conduct normal family activities .. awareness and timely detection has done it for me .. it could get worse, for it is in remission now, and monitored regularly ..And that is but one of my many serious ailments that plague me .."

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