Bollywood Dance classes Boston

April 30, 2023

Shikha is a trained Kathak Dancer and award winning Bollywood dance choreographer and dancer.

Shikha has been dancing, performing and choreographing in the Boston area.

for more than 10 years. Shikha has extensive experience in Bollywood style of dancing from the classics to the contemporary.

She considers competitions as a way to challenge and hence improve oneself and has participated and won many dance competitions locally like Swaraag, Boston Sargam, Gurjar Super Moms and the like as well as in India.She is also regularly invited by various Indian and Non- Indian social and cultural organizations to conduct Bollywood Dance workshops.

A trained Kathak dancer, Shikha is passionate about preserving the folk dancing styles of India and incorporates a lot of that in her choreography and performances.

Experience a new approach to Bollywood Dancing with Shikha at ACA that will get you closer to the music, dance and culture of Bollywood, of India and see how it incorporates with dancing styles from around the world.You will never miss a beat ever, we promise.

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