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December 18, 2016
Govinda Mix (Bollywood Dance)

Make Your First Wedding Dance As A Couple MemorableYes, 'first dance' of the couples at their wedding is a western concept, but more and more Indian couples are now making this a part of their wedding as well. First dance as a couple, is an intimate moment that requires some planning, so that, it looks beautiful and perfect. Since, you are matching your steps for the first time, it will be a memory that you will always cherish. So, here are a few things that couples should keep in mind before getting on the dance floor to show off their moves.

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#1. Set the mood

First and foremost, decide what kind of mood you want to set with your dance? In case the bride and groom's sides are hosting the mehendi or sangeet ceremonies together, you can think of doing some fun dance routines there. For your mehendi or ceremony, some latka-jhatkas, fun moves and a loud song will do the trick. But, if you are thinking about doing a performance on reception, then go for a slow, intimate dance, which will look elegant and beautiful. You and your partner should get together to think about the mood for your dance. Most couples go for a soft song and some intimate steps, for their first dance.

Make Your First Wedding Dance As A Couple Memorable#2. Select the right song

Find a song that you will remember for the rest of your life. It should be something that exemplifies your feelings for each other. Keep it in mind that whenever you listen to this track in the future, it will always bring back those romantic memories of your wedding day. Sit together and listen to each other’s favourite tracks. This has to be something that would speak and connect to your heart. It will be ‘your’ song. Well, you can also mash-up two songs, one that is your preference and other that your partner loves.

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If you do not know how to dance, ideally you have to start learning at least two months in advance. This way you can learn a few sexy dips, moves, and turns. You can either join a dance class together or hire a wedding choreographer to get your moves right.

#4. A simple waltz

Not everyone knows how to dance and frankly, with all the wedding preparations, you might not get enough time to learn as well. If you are going for slow dancing then a simple waltz takes the least amount of time to learn. A simple waltz, set on music, can get your steps absolutely in sync.

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Choose a song that will allow you a lot of flexibility in the dance steps. Simple romantic songs that last for two minutes or less are the best. This is because you do not want to bore your wedding guests who are watching, until and unless you are doing a salsa or a tango.

#6. Connect with your guests

Yes, this dance is about you and your partner. But, do not forget that you will have an audience as well. Your song should convey your relationship and your dance should convey your feelings to your guests as well. Keep your dance interesting and fun.

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Well, socially this is as intimate as you and your partner can get during your wedding! So, use this moment to connect with each other. Whether you are selecting the song or getting together for the dance rehearsals, cherish and celebrate these moments of togetherness. When you are dancing in front of your guests, for a minute forget that anyone else is present. Let your true feelings for your partner take over you, and this will put you at ease with each other. Relax and enjoy the moment!

Few points to remember:

  • Always keep a CD (or pen drive) of your song with you. There are good chances that your DJ might not have that song in their collection.
  • Instruct your videographer and photographer about your dance performance. They should be able to capture it beautifully from different angles.
  • Take a good look at the wedding dance floor and try out your new wedding shoes there. It is a good idea to try your steps on the dance floor before your actual performance.
  • Keep your DJ or wedding planner in loop for requirements related to lighting and smoke machine, etc.

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Your 'first dance' is the first time you match steps with your loved one in front of an audience. You want it to be perfect. And the more you practice, the better your dance will be. Above all, let it be a romantic moment that you will always cherish!

Make Your First Wedding Dance As A Couple Memorable Make Your First Wedding Dance As A Couple Memorable Make Your First Wedding Dance As A Couple Memorable Make Your First Wedding Dance As A Couple Memorable
R D C - bollywood couple dance.wmv
R D C - bollywood couple dance.wmv
Lear Couple Dance Step By Step In Slow Motion On Bollywood
Lear Couple Dance Step By Step In Slow Motion On Bollywood ...
Bollywood Dance Steps
Bollywood Dance Steps

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