March 5, 2022
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Club Dancers, SingaporeAnd they say Singapore is boring and sterile… Well, you might revaluate this sweeping statement once you have been enmeshed and seduced by this fevered and arousing club. This comes with the caveat, do not arrive totally sober; akin to arriving at a party late when everyone else is in a state of inebriation and you’re not in the groove.

Moshi Moshi Bollywood is definitely the sort of club that you arrive at around midnight; after dinner with a few glasses of wine under the belt. And, like many nightspots, the whole ambience is people-driven furthermore, you are somewhat oblivious to the invariably kitsch décor with all the mood-lighting and in this case, the primitive, although amusing Bollywood films projected as a backdrop to the dance floor.

You should know all this of course, but for the dweebs, rule number 1: never turn up at a nightclub until later in the part as it just won’t be a ‘happening-thing’. Rule number 2: never go to a nightclub you frequent during the day, it is guaranteed to disappoint, one look at the décor during the stark light of day moreover, the emptiness of people and groove will stain your impression forever.

Music is everything in clubs. It’s all about strategic timing and judging the crowd or the mood, which is why we have DJ’s. That’s why there’s such an emphasis on the good ones, even celebrated! Here it’s all about group therapy, the Bollywood dance routines, even if somewhat daggy and reincarnated “Saturday Night Fever” seventies disco, it’s a lot of fun with plenty of impromptu choreography.

the world by storm, it’s not all Hindi music here with loads of gyrating-inducing Hip-Hop with plenty of opportunity to make a complete idiot of yourself with impetuous dance moves and abnormal body movements.

Dancing on street, Singapore Ais Party, Singapore

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