Learning how to Dance Bollywood?

September 28, 2018
Learning how to dance

Always wanted to try Bollywood dancing but not sure where to start? We've asked South Asian dancer and choreographer, Nisha Nath, to put together a routine that will have you dance floor confident in no time.

Nisha has come up with a dance inspired by the Bollywood film 'Om Shanti Om'. The routine is broken down into four stages so that you can practice your heart out on each stage before starting the next one.

Stage 1 - Wolf & petal hands & hip shifts

Learn to Bollywood dance

In this first video above, Nisha shows us the full routine she is going to teach you, as well as her step by step guide to learning the first stage of the dance.

Stage 2 - Clicking hips & jumps

Bollywood dance moves stage two

Ready to move on? Add this section and you are half way there.

Stage 3 - Pointed toes & cartwheel turns

Bollywood dance moves stage three

In stage 3 you'll learn how to do some classic Bollywood hand and arm movements, as well as spinning.

Stage 4 - Stamping & whipping

Bollywood dance stage four

In this final stage you will learn some stamping and whipping moves, and bring the entire routine together.

How to Bollywood Dance
How to Bollywood Dance
Learn Bollywood Dance
Learn Bollywood Dance
How to dance Bollywood
How to dance Bollywood...

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