Bollywood Dance Mania

August 15, 2022
Google Cultural Institute

Thanks for your hardwork and organizing such great performances.U do a great job with kids and they enjoy it a lot.
- Anila and Puneet

You are a true asset to the Rochester community – you have opened up your home to all of us and offered our children a happy, fun place to be and a chance to truly enjoy their culture! My own children sometimes get tired and complain about soccer and gymnastics practice – but they never complain about dance practice. For your excellent choreography, your great taste in costumes, for your time and commitment (and that of Amit’s) – we are greatly appreciative.
- Alpa, Brian, Kanan and Kiran

Thanks for working so diligently with our children and producing such an awesome show.
Anu, I could not have made it without your encouragement and motivation.
Good luck and best wishes for all future endeavors!
- Chetna and Adya

Thank you for all your handwork and patience with the kids!! And doing a fabulous job with them!! Your efforts and creativity are much appreciated. Keep up the good work and take some rest!!
- Anu Ahuja

Thanks for giving the girls such a wonderful experience! It was very special to feel the Indian culture all around us. This is something I have been missing. Stay in touch with us.
- Bharati Dunne

As an observer who did not have a child dancing on stage I have to say we enjoyed the show alot and I think between the costumes, punchy music and adorable kids if the music skipped or a child missed we really didn't notice! Moreover, the choreography was consistantly good and I can only imagine the work involved in putting up so many dances. Great job Anu!
- Shalini Aggarwal

You put together a fabulous program. The diversity of the programs - from Puppets to Classical(and everything in between) - in itself speaks for the time spent and effort you made to achieve these great results. I know it was a lot of work, but it must have been very rewarding to see those kids finally performing on the stage - and doing a great job.
Keep up the good work!
- Namita

I can only repeat what I told you the other night right after the show: I wish I could send Roshni to dance with you on a regular basis. She really enjoyed herself, and appreciated your hard work. I think she has a much better appreciation of what is involved in putting together even one dance, let alone 14.
Happy Diwali, and thank you for all your hard work. Your passion and dedication make your students shine.
- Tulsi Master
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Bollywood Dance - Naach mania
Bollywood Dance - Naach mania
Bollywood Dance Mania Inc.@ Indian Mela 2010 Adelaide
Bollywood Dance Mania Inc.@ Indian Mela 2010 Adelaide
Bollywood Dance Mania (11-12 PM) IAID Summer Workshop 2015
Bollywood Dance Mania (11-12 PM) IAID Summer Workshop 2015 ...

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