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December 17, 2021
Bombay Jam Bollywood Dance

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What we liked: Routines are short so you never get bored.

What we didn’t like: The music volume needed to be pumped up—way up! Bollywood beats are sexy, fun, and infectious and really make you want to start dancing, yet sometimes we could barely hear the music.

Rating: 4 Remotes

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1 Remote: Skip it. This workout left us feeling more like a couch potato than a small-screen exercise queen. 2 Remotes: We might rent, but not buy. 3 Remotes: We’ll add this to our DVD collection for a rainy day 4 Remotes: Who needs a gym when we have access to this all-star fitness workout on demand. 5 Remotes: We’ve officially nominated it for an Oscar in the category of Fitness, At Home

Full review: The choreography and music on this DVD transport you to a dance class halfway around the world. You’ll feed off the energy and smiles of instructors Kajal and Priya and get lost in the fun routines, completely forgetting that you’re exercising!

The hour-long DVD includes a warm-up, drill refresher (to breakdown more challenging moves you’ll do in the workouts), 11 cardio and conditioning mini routines, and a cool-down. The easy-to-use menu lets you play all of the routines or just pick your favorites when you’re crunched for time.

Each routine delivers a combo of cardio and conditioning that drives up your heart rate, burns calories, and tones from head-to-toe. Expect to see sexy hip swivels that target your obliques. You’ll also get lots of arm work, thanks to choreography that keeps them constantly engaged and moving. (Rarely did our arms go below shoulder height.) We’ve done a few different cardio-dance fitness programs and this has been the best for our upper body—our shoulders and arms were feeling the burn after only a few dances! You’ll also get a few toning surprises in some of the routines, like planks and push-ups, to break up dance bursts.

Bollywood choreography is as much dancing as it is acting and your instructors make sure to explain the feelings behind each routine’s story so you can portray those emotions through your movements. The Doonya style integrates movements from various Bollywood genres including BollyPop, Bhangra, Folk, and Classical to target and engage every muscle.

Opt for the lower-impact, beginner-friendly moves if you’re just starting out, or want to take it easy. Then, kick things up a notch with the more advanced versions of each dance. No matter what level you start at, you’re sure to have fun and work up a sweat. Available at ($13 as a single DVD or buy the 3-pack for $25).

What to wear: Look for moisture-wicking material as you’ll work up a major sweat!

Editor’s pick: We love all things neon and bright, and a fun, exotic dance fitness DVD is the perfect excuse to bust out the bold prints. We’re loving the striking colors and pattern on the Awaken Yoga Leggings ( The soft, breathable fabric allows sweat to dry quickly so you don’t feel damp. rtve researchgate
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Bollywood Workout
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