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January 3, 2017
Bollywood stars most
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They may have forgotten, but the camera neither forgives not forgets. Here are the seven most embarrassing wardrobe whoopsies that our Bollywood ladies unfortunately suffered in 2014:

Nargis Fakhri

Suffice it to say that standing on the ramp with a billion floodlights pointed at you isn’t the precise moment you’d want your dress to give way. Props to Nargis for handling the mishap with élan though.


Alia Bhatt

They came hoping to learn a bit more about the movie that the duo was promoting. They left having learnt a lot more about Alia’s choice of innerwear.


Parineeti Chopra

Unfortunately for the actress, her skirt got a bit too much into the spirit of things and gave the audience a view to remember in every sense of the term.


Anushka Sharma

bw8While we can’t lay claim to an intimate knowledge of the couture industry, it doesn’t take a genius to predict that risqué slits and high chairs don’t go along.


Note to self: Always cross legs when seated in front of a pack of reporters armed with high tech cameras.


Ameesha Patel

Sorry Ameesha, you may have lost track about the state of your dress, but the camera happens to be a whole lot more vigilant.


Jacqueline Fernandez

It could have been known as the night when Jacqueline fell prey to a wardrobe malfunction on the red carpet. But thanks to Sonam’s timely intervention, it instead became the night when one actress helped another one in her time of need. More power to Sonam.

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Bollywood Actress Suffers Serious Wardrobe Malfunction On
Bollywood Actress Suffers Serious Wardrobe Malfunction On ...
Bollywood Actress wardrobe malfunction
Bollywood Actress wardrobe malfunction

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