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August 8, 2023
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altBollywood has been very innovative when it comes to hairstyles. Fans all across India have been inspired to ape and flaunt these hairstyles brought in trend by their favorite actors.

From the famous Sadhana fringe to Salman Khan’s long unruly mop, everything has been copied and conquered. Here’s a look at the 10 most popular hair trends of Bollywood.

1) The Sadhana Cut

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Besides making the tight-fitting churidaar a rage in Waqt, Sadhana also made the Audrey Hepburn-inspired fringe a phenomenon back in the ‘60s. The style was inspired from Audrey’s look in Roman Holiday. Sadhana’s wispy micro fringe gave a seductive but sweet look to her character in Waqt. Others have also tried to recreate the look, but none have come close to the impact that this style had over people.

2) The Bouffant

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Our gorgeous Bollywood beauties loved to pile their hair in a bouffant and let it hang along the sides. That was another fashion fad of the ‘60s. From the glamorous Sharmila Tagore, to the elegant Waheeda Rahman and Saira Banu, nobody could resist the beauty of a bulky bouffant.

alt3) Shammi Kapoor’s Ducktail hairdo

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When he wasn’t busy crying ‘Yahoo’ or dazzling ladies in his trademark cocky swagger, he was busy ensuring that his ducktail hairstyle with the side fringe became a trend! So much so, that the style was mirrored by all the generations of men. Yes, that’s how awesome this guy was.

4) Dimple Kapadia's hairdo in Saagar

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The hairstyle of the ‘80s meant more volume. However, people were simply crazy about Dimple Kapadia’s hairdo in Saagar. Dimple’s luscious, auburn mane was the second most talked about aspect of the film, after her brief topless moment in Saagar. The famous ‘Saagar Choti’, which is the Indian version of the French plate, also borrows the name from the film.

5) Amitabh Bachchan’s side burns

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The actor made the Elvis Presley look popular in the ‘80s. Long, middle-parted hair, with thick sideburns came to the fore with films like Deewar, Nastik and Kasauti. Young boys, too, took to this style and they were seen sporting side burns with long hair, much to the chagrin of teachers and parents.

alt6) Sanjay Dutt's long hair

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Among the males, no one wore his hair (and still does) with more élan than Sanjay Dutt. Long, unkempt, colored - it accentuated his sexuality in films such as Saajan, Rocky and the ‘90 hit, Thaanedar. He is the first star from Bollywood to start the long hair trend and the youth went gaga over the look.

7) Poker straight hair

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So popular was Karisma Kapoor’s severely straightened hair in Raja Hindustani, that the actress kept the style in many of her later films. Taking a cue from the actress was another B-town beauty, Preity Zinta, in her erstwhile hit, Kal Ho Na Ho. In effect, many women queued up to salons to get their hair straightened, too!

8) Aamir's Spikes in Dil Chahta Hai

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Aamir's goatee that he sported in Dil Chahta Hai was perhaps his most trendsetting look. The urban youth look portrayed by Aamir Khan was so stylish that swept through the young populace. Soon enough, the coming-of-age movie made the goatee and spiky hairstyle a popular choice and quite a strong fashion statement among movie lovers.

9) Aamir Khan’s Ghajini look

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