Bollywood Hot Nude scene

August 6, 2020
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It’s not an easy task choosing ten best hot Bollywood movies, since not a lot of Bollywood films have nudity. However, there are a handful that are not only sexy, but show some brief nudity as well. Below are ten such movies that are considered to be sexy by Bollywood standards.

  1. “The Cloud Door” Anu Agrawal is involved in an erotic sex scene where her lovely, dark breasts are shown beneath her gold necklaces. Eventually her lover removes the jewelry, totally exposing her lovely fun bags. The acting in this Bollywood movie is not the greatest, but Agrawal’s boobs are.
  2. ”Maya Memsaab” This hot Bollywood movie features the lovely Deepa Mehta as she shares a fabulous sex scene with Shahrukh Khan. They do it everywhere; including up against a wall, where Mehta’s perky breasts are in full view.
  3. “Murder and Unfaithful” The very exotic Sanjana Kannada stars in this hot Bollywood movie about a wife who cheats on her husband. One of the movie’s sexiest scenes occurs when Sanjana and her lover have sex on a stage surrounded by candles.
  4. “Girlfriend” One of Bollywood’s most controversial and sexy movies, “Girlfriend” features a hot lesbian scene between Eisha Koppikar and Amrita Arora. Just those names alone are hot.
  5. “Hawas“ For those who enjoy quickies in public places, “Hawas” is the hot Bollywood movie for you. Megjha Naidu is seduced by a stranger in a women’s bathroom. Her facial expressions that reflect in the mirror while she is getting penetrated from behind are priceless.
  6. “Murder” Many consider “Murder” to be the hottest Bollywood movie to date as it features some good sex scenes between Emran Hashmi and the hot Mallika Sherawat.
  7. “Zinda” Zinda is a Bollywood movie that not only features a good sex scene featuring the ultra hot Lara Dutta, but is full of violence as well. However, it is Dutta’s smoking hot body and seductive ways that make this movie watchable.
  8. “Fashion” Priyanka Chopra stars in this sexy Bollywood flick that features this Indian beauty in a few sexy scenes with her model boyfriend as well as with her mentor. Like most Indian actresses, Chopra is extremely hot.
  9. “Corporate” “Corporate” had one of the better acted out sex scenes in Bollywood, where Bipasha Basu and Kay Kay Menon were involved in a passionate bedroom scene.
  10. “The Namesake” Rounding out the top ten hot Bollywood movies is “The Namesake, ” which stars the lovely Tabu. In this hit 2006 film, she shares a very passionate sex scene with Irffan Khan.

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