Bollywood dancing for kids

October 7, 2022
Dance Flow

Contact us to host a Bollywood Dance Party for your child's special day!

Bolly Dancing Studio brings you a birthday party experience like no other offered in Singapore!

Designed for children ages 4-12 years old we entertain kids with exciting, high-energy, and interactive Bollywood dance parties that are no-mess and HASSLE-FREE! Bollywood dance is a great choice as it comes with loads of fun and laughter during the session. Our cheerful Indian female instructor will be teaching some basic steps broken down in a way that is very easy to learn. Participants can simply follow the instructor. Once you have confirmed the exciting event with us, we will provide you the invitation card to be given to the attendees. Additionally, we would be providing some props for the kids to dance with. This will add more excitement and colours to the small performance for the parents at the end of the party. To commemorate the memorable experience, we will be giving out a Certificate to all participant who attended the session.

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English for Everyone Kids - Bollywood Dancing
English for Everyone Kids - Bollywood Dancing
Bollywood Dance
Bollywood Dance

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