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June 4, 2015
Talvar actress Konkana Sen Sharma reveals the UGLY truth of Bollywood – watch video!

You’ve got to read on to find out what she has to say in our EXCLUSIVE interview below…

Konkana Sen Sharma has a mind of her own and isn’t someone who’ll blindly follow the system. We all saw how she dared to shut the speculations around her troubled marriage by announcing her split from Ranvir Shorey on Twitter, which only explains how the actress doesn’t care a damn about what the others think. So it wasn’t surprising when she further went on to reveal an ugly truth about Bollywood in an EXCLUSIVE conversation with BollywoodLife recently. Yes!

We got in touch with this Page 3 actress, ahead of her comeback film Talvar starring Irrfan Khan which released this Friday. I was pretty excited to meet Konkana as I believe she is one of the only few actresses belonging to the unconventional brigade of Bollywood. And it so happened that out of curiosity, I asked her as to why she’s returning on big screen after such a long time and what is that keeps her away from Bollywood now-a-days! Now the answer that we usually get to hear on such questions is either- ‘No interesting film’ or ‘I am reading scripts, will announce soon, right? But Konkana had a rather reasonable answer to give .

Although Ms Sen admitted she was on a maternal leave for a while plus there were no much interesting films. But she further added, “The average age of a Bollywood heroine is between 25-28.So one cannot play those roles forever. There also have to be more interesting roles written for women who are older. And now why we have so many young women is because the majority of the decision makers are older men.

Bollywood Actress Ugly and dirty noses - Dirty bollywood
Bollywood Actress Ugly and dirty noses - Dirty bollywood
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Bollywood Actresses Ugly truth revealed
Bollywood Actresses Ugly truth revealed

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