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June 26, 2016
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Sanam is a talented performing artist, specializing in Bellydance and Bollywood dance, a skilled, choreographer and instructor in Atlanta, Georgia. Sanam has performed at many cultural events, weddings, workshops, restaurants and universities.

Sanam's genetic makeup is as diverse in cultures as the gypsies that traveled from land to land. From Iran to India - from Pakistan to Yemen, Sanam's heritage covers it all. Born in Pakistan to parents of Persian, Indian and Arab decent, raised in Brooklyn, NY, Sanam is the essence of a modern day bellydancer, with deep roots to the origins of bellydancing.

Like most children of South Asian decent, Sanam began her relationship with dancing at the tender age of four. Youngest of three, Sanam began her love for dance in front of the mirror in her mother's bedroom, dancing to the beats of popular Indian cinema, Sanam mimicked every move, lip-sync, facial expression and hair flip, the female character in the song had to offer. With her mother's silver high heels, fushia lipstick, and a fancy red veil, all borrowed without permission, there was no end to this new beginning.

As an adolescent Sanam continued her love for dance by receiving training in modern dance, jazz, ballet and flamenco, with a background in bollywood dance moves and now western forms of dance under her belt, she continued her search for something more - until she saw a beautiful bellydancer at a Turkish restaurant. Everything came to a halt, there was only one thing left to do from that point on - learn to bellydance.

Thank goodness for the internet, Sanam was able to find the information for the most prestigious Bellydance performer and teacher in the North East, the legendary Serena Wilson. After meeting and talking with Serena, Sanam knew there was no turning back, this is what she was meant to do all along. For years to come, Sanam trained with Serena, deligently. While studying with Serena, Sanam also trained with one of Serena's accomplished bellydancer and teacher Jenna, as well as the talented and wonderful perfomer and instructor, Habiba.

Sanam’s unique style, exotic features and mesmerizing stage presence has made her one of the most requested bellydancers in middle eastern gatherings. Sanam now offers bellydance and bollywood dance classes in the Metro Atlanta area. Sanam teaches her bellydance classes using the 'Serena Technique'. Serena always stressed the importance of gracefulness and feminity. This Site is dedicated to the late Serena Wilson.

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