Bollywood Hip Hop Dance

February 7, 2015
MOSAIC 2014 - Bollywood Hip
Jazz Dance Class


  • Pre-Dance
  • Jazz Dance
  • Hip-Hop
  • Bollywood


  • Modern
  • Ballet Technique


  • Zen Dance
Jazz Dance

High energy, popular music, and fun highlight this class as students learn to think fast, move quickly, and explore their own sense of individuality in style. Technique, choreography, strength, and flexibility—the total dancer is nurtured and celebrated. Various styles of jazz dance are explored including, funk, lyrical, and afro-jazz.

Modern Dance / Lyrical

Modern technique class concentrates on proper alignment, use of breath, quality of structural form, oppositional energy, moving through space, directional changes, fall and recovery, speed and performance quality. Movement concepts are explored through improvisation and original choreography.


Learn the foundations of hip hop and incorporate these concepts in fun routines that blend poppin, lockin’, stepping’, top rockin’, breakin’ and krump. Dance to the hottest hip-hop tunes while staying on top of the latest dance moves.

Ballet Technique

Focuses on body placement, basic terminology, strength and flexibility. Builds on the fundamental concepts, introduces new terminology and steps, increases complexity of combinations.


The term “Bollywood” was coined from two words— Bombay (now called Mumbai and home of the largest film industry in the world) and Hollywood. A highlight of Bollywood films, the dance sequences often utilize beautiful costumes and elaborate sets. Bollywood dance is a fusion of the rich heritage and styles of classical Indian dance with the contemporary moves of hip-hop and jazz.

No judgment. Love your body!

De-stress with gentle dance movement designed to strengthen and energize the body. Relaxing and inspirational music will nurture your mind, body, and spirit. Zen Dance enhances physical well-being while celebrating the unique qualities of every participant. Love your body!

Siemens Awards Night 2015 - Bollywood Hip-hop Dance
Siemens Awards Night 2015 - Bollywood Hip-hop Dance
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Bollywood Hip-hop Dance Routine
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