Hot shirtless Bollywood Men

February 6, 2017
10 Hottest Shirtless Bollywood
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From Shah Rukh Khan to Hrithik Roshan, discover the top Indian Bollywood actors with six pack abs and their hottest shirtless body pics.

Hey ladies. Guy here. Who says Bollywood doesn’t have hot men? Well, we think it does plenty. With abs. And they’re shirtless. And it’s a war. Full-on. With six-pack abs. So I’ve done the honors of selecting the 15 sexiest and hottest Bollywood actors for you girls to drool over. And for you guys to be jealous of. Let’s find out who’s hot and who’s not.

Sexiest Bollywood Actors Best Body Wars!

15Emraan Hashmi

He has an ok-ish body. In fact, my cousin has a better body than him. And he spends a lot of time in the gym, so he’d hate to be compared with Emraan Hashmi. Just stick to the smooches, Emraan.

14Tiger Shroff

A name like that and a body like that? Really, Tiger?

13Siddharth Malhotra

Well, that’s a good body. So, let’s say we actually started our countdown here.

11Ajay Devgan

Upping his ante and working out those arms with that mustache – way to go, Devgan.

10Varun Dhawan

This stuff is good for starters, but you need to work out your abs even more if you want it higher up in the top ten, Varun.

9Salman Khan

Salman, we’ve always been a fan of your abs. And shoulders.

8Aamir Khan

With those Aarms, Aamir has taken a spot above Salman and we’re so proud! Although Aamir, you may have chiseled your body for this angry role in Ghajini, but we’ll always love you as the annoying yet hilarious Amar from Andaz Apna Apna, who wouldn’t have lifted a weight to save his life.

7Sonu Sood

Well, technically, this picture shows only four abs, but trust me, if you Google more, you’ll find Sonu’s six-pack. (Although, you may also come across a picture with a mysteriously missing belly button. But ignore it).

6Farhan Akhtar

Director to actor to singer to athletic-body-owner – there’s hardly anything this guy can’t do. But this war is only limited to the hottest bodies and no extra talents are counted in Guy’s ruthless court. Anyway these well-built abs have a well-deserved spot here!

5Ranveer Singh

Great going, Ranveer. Hats off to you for working it out until it looks photoshopped!

4Shah Rukh Khan

A lot of hard work (and no nachos, pizzas and other tasty foods) seem to have gone into this body. And let me count those abs again. Wait, how many are there?

3John Abraham

That body in that shower by that Miami Beach-beach – you are really making us guys jealous, John.

2Arjun Rampal

Well, Shilpa is a big fan so she wanted to say a few words. But she became speechless after seeing your shirtless body. Man, oh man, those abs.

And the Sexiest Bollywood Actor non-award goes to… (drum-rolls, please)…

1Hrithik Roshan

Neither too much, nor too little. Hrithik, you are nailing the six-pack look. And the shirtless look.

So, guys, those are the top 15 sexiest male men of Bollywood. Which one is your favorite and why, comment below.

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